Friday, April 23, 2010

casually dressed and deep in conversation

Witchery singlet; Nudie skinnies; Witchery waterfall cardigan; Just Jeans Waterfall leather jacket; Nine West booties; Speedy 30

Canberra is a bit topsy-turvy in its weather where it is freezing cold one minute and the next it is warm and sunny.  This is when layering is my new best friend...Pack it all on in the morning like the Abominable Snowman The II and then strip it all off in the afternoon like its a Nelly video clip...its getting hot in hurrr!


  1. Love this post lady and the Nelly observation, it made me laugh. ♥

  2. ooooooh I love the layered waterfall... now I want something waterfall! lol

  3. How rad are kicks :) glad another blogger loves kicks as much (and fafi) you're not filipino are you? ♥

  4. amazing pics
    you have a great blog!
    love it

  5. waterfall combo! brilliant! love the outfit so much <3

  6. haha Im exactly the samne, all rugged up in multiple layers in the morning and then stripping it all off by midday. gah! weather lol
    Cool pics + nice blog

  7. love black and multiple layers cardie :)

    greetings from Indonesia,