Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Melbourne Muse

Norman (of Musing Mutley) represents a lot of what I love in men's style - neutral tones, clean silhouette, beautiful natural fabrics with a touch of individual quirkiness. He just looks effortlessly cool. The boat shoes are my favourite part - they convey so much character and story.

We joked that this outfit is quintessentially Melbourne but it really is - I am proud to live in a city that possesses such great style!


  1. Haha!! Thanks for the plug Jenny :)

  2. Very melbourne indeed


  3. this guy definitely knows how to look good! i love the style and vibe in melbourne, can't wait to fly there next month!


  4. hehe jenny lets see if we can get johnjohn in boat shoes this summer!
    this makes me think of (a much cooler and more modern version of) what mum calls the 'toorak cowboy' look of the eighties - white t-shirt, black blazer, denim - for boys and girls :) so so melbourne!