Thursday, December 24, 2009

oh doctor doctor

Country Road singlet, Levis skirt, Nine West shoeboots & Forecast bag
Summer is here (kind of) so I've taken my annual leave from my usual monochromatic obsession and get excited about colour.  

I know denim barely counts as a colour - baby steps!

I have this unexplainable obsession with these 3 items:

I have this super-weird padantic thing where I HAVE TO pick up at least a few things to mark the places I have travelled to. While some people usually do t-shirts, keychains and other silly stuff - I prefer to try and find clothes/accessories that I cant get back home. So when I went to Sydney in July and everybody else was getting tshirts printed with the Opera House, I got my "Sydney" chain suede bag.

This summer has been relativley very cool compared to past Australian scorchers.  Thus I see no reason to ever take these off the - they are verrrrry comfy and so much fun :)

  This ring is something I wear every day to work - I told a girlfriend at work I named my zebra ring Alex and she laughed about the fact I bothered to name my ring, and that I choose Alex of all names. I think name-giving is a sign of affection! and I am very affected by this ring


  1. You are so cute!! I love your accessories especially the shoes and that cool ring! xoxoxo

  2. Love the shoes, but whenever I get ninewest shoes they are SO damn slippery, I've almost broken my ankle too many times to mention. I'll still take 1 of both the bag and shoes though. ♥