Monday, December 21, 2009

the start

monochrome factory [mon-uh-krohm fak-tuh-ree]
1. Designers rule the world
2. Vintage is treasure
3. Photography is fun

ASOS jersey top; Levis boyfriend jeans; Balenciaga GGH clutch; Nine West shoe boots

I went on a thrifting rampage a few weeks ago where I was buying bags and bags full of goodies which would be later sorted into "DEFINITELY"; "maybe"; and "what was I thinking?". Anyway I picked up these vintage mens Levis which I adore, or at least until I put them on. Doubt sets in and I always seem to pull them off and change just before I leave the house.

I bit the bullet yesterday and ran out of the house before I could chicken out. I have since realised that they are the comfiest jeans ever, and I have been missing out bigtime.

The only problem now - what to wear with them...
Ideas, anybody?


  1. You create the most "happening" outfits. I adore you. xoxo

  2. Love your photos, and the outfit! xox

  3. Thanks guys! xx

    Sky was more dark blue then purple but the boyfriend dearest enjoyed a little too much creative license...

  4. Awsome Blog Jenny look sexy and go frank awsome photos sets the mood very Well!!! Keep the good work up!