Monday, May 31, 2010

ruby woo

Thrifted off the shoulder top; Nudie Hai Kai skinnies; Azzedeine Alaia wooden platforms

Do you ever feel like time is just running too fast for you to catch up??  
My days of late have been very much the same - wake up, shower, breakfast, library, gym, lunch, library, dinner, library, sleep - it all passes in a blur and a whole day feels like its over before its even really begun.  I'm currently in serious exam mode so comfort has been winning over fashion.  

This outfit has been a bit of a winner for me - wear it during the day with black suede ballet flats - out to dinner at night, voila instant upgrade with some heavy duty MAC lipstick and yummy platforms for some nautical fun.  

Moon tonight - Frankie took it about 10 minutes ago sitting on the roof


  1. how are u SO freakin' AMAZING?

  2. gorgeous outfit. And really like the picture

  3. the most stunning girl in the world x

  4. Ahh, how I've been looking for a striped shirt just like yours! It looks perfect with the simple dark wash skinny jeans and especially the red lip! Great look.

  5. Thanks guys xx

    Jen it was the most random find - its a huuuuuuuuge top that automatically falls off the shoulder because it is a really big size!! Lucky I'm not a sizeist :)

  6. Can I just say; you are incredibly gorgeous!!! That red lipstick is PERFECT on you. And I love the outfit. It probably takes all of 3 seconds to put on, but it looks so put together. I hope that you are taking care of yourself during these exams. Good luck!

  7. Gorgeous striped shirt!! You look so chic!! xoxoxoxoxoo

  8. You always look so gorgeous, I love the colour of your lippy lady.