Monday, May 10, 2010

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Sportsgirl lace blouse; Country Road denim leggings; Country Road Tess suede boots

I saw this blouse on a girl at John Mayer on Monday night and fell in love. Simple, demure and classic with a lacy touch - nothing overly girly, but still very femme.  

Had to endure the worlds WORST customer service to get it though - arggggh.  How hard is it to be polite to customers?  Coming from a retail background, I can tell you - IT IS VERY EASY!  1. Smile & be warm. 2. Make chit chat 3. Make sale.  Some of my regulars have become almost like friends, and I genuinely happy to see them when they walk into the store.  

On a side note - when the whole denim leggings fad came out, I was mortified and joined that Facey group, "To Denim Leggings, Australia Says No".  
However - When the Country Road ones came in, I snapped them up. They look and feel like jeans, but they are so damn comfortable and stick like a second skin... I couldn't say no...So yessss to denim leggings. Haha 

HUGE awesome giant bun!!  It took alot of backcombing and hairspray but we got there!

And finally - I have been following Natasha's "Sojourn for World Hunger" journey on her blog The Voracious Vegan and reading her entries has been nothing short of incredibly moving and inspiring.  It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day problems but in reading through her blog, I am reminded of how much I need to be grateful for.


  1. I think the simplicity is what makes this outfit so captivating. I love the blouse, so effortless and feminine.

    Kirstie Marié

  2. Thanks for your comment chica--I love your photos, the style is SO cool.

  3. I rally like that blouse. On Friday I went to SG @ Melb Central and the dressing room girl was a b#$ch. I didn't want the shirt I tried and the girl just grabbed it out of my hands as soon as I said I wasn't happy with it. So the scarf I was going to look at and the cardi I also liked - were forgotten. Which CR do you work at?? I didn't do the Mother's Day Classic, I was scheduled to work, then got the day off after all. Sigh, next year!! :) ♥

  4. ahh gorge top, so want it ! and you saw JM so jealous! x

  5. John Mayer!! I'm so annoyed he skipped Adelaide.

    And great lighting on your photos, btw.

  6. So pretty! I love the blouse. Thank you for your ever-so-sweet comment :)

  7. the blouse is simply adorable!♥

  8. This is such a stunning photo! I love the blouse, so Parisian ;)

  9. wonderful outfit and the picture is gorgeous

  10. love it, so perfect

  11. Agree with you completely on the customer service thing. It really isn't THAT hard to be nice. I swear some girls must fake niceness through their interview to get the jobs they have.

    That's a really pretty hairstyle btw :)