Tuesday, July 6, 2010

perfect winter

Laura from These Ruby Slippers

Went down to beautiful Bayside with my two best friends for the day. Got better acquainted with my Nikon D100 - I don't use it enough, and I should - it's a beautiful DSLR to start with.
I had the perfect subjects; perfect sky; perfect winter weather; and perfect scenery.
What more more could I ask for??

Finally - Storm London sent through a blogger Q&A:

The time you felt most inspired by fashion: Inspiration drawn from fashion emerged the minute I clicked onto the Satorialist, Jak+Jill, Garance Dore, Facehunter and many more fashion blogs. The jumble of vintage and designer treasures belonging to perfectly dressed and styled women and men, mixed in with their individual flair, pulled at me in a way which has changed the way I view getting dressed every day

The time you were proudest of your outfit or your style: I get serious pride when somebody whose fashionability I strongly admire gives me a compliment on what I am wearing! Otherwise I don't really dwell on it, I just go with what makes me happy in the moment.

The time in fashion you would most like to return to (60s, 70s etc): Honestly, I love what we have going on right now. I'm noticing now, more then ever, people are finding what works for them and sticking with that, as opposed with just going with whatever trend lands in the stores. I love that you can open your wardrobe and pull out whatever you feel like wearing on the day - a circle skirt from the 50s to a sequin studded dress from the 80's.


  1. GORGEOUS photos lady!! I love the striped top and the gray dress, let's not even mention the puppy dawg... what a cutie! xo

  2. what a beautiful group of friends!

  3. i love red lips....loks so chic with red hair...i look rather like a clown with red lipstick :(

    xoxo from rome

  4. Karolina yes Laura does look very beautiful with red lipstick :)

    Cotton Socks welcome back babe I've missed your blogging!

    Mez - Laura and I were actually saying yesterday how you're the sweetest girl and we haven't even met!


  5. totally agree..it's not all about fashion, it's more about style nowadays :)
    cool shots!

    eclectic du jour

  6. Such lovely photos. You are all so gorgeous!

  7. the pics are great :)
    thank youuu for visiting my blog :)

    Jakarta - Indonesia

  8. Beautiful photos!! I love all of your outfits!! The weather looks gorgeous! xoxoxoxo

  9. No way Jenny! I would quite honestly swap you ANYDAY! Look at you skinny thing.. and I'm so jealous of your boobs hahaha. I have none :(.

  10. lovely blog! sydney is frozen! (: nice ideas :D

    xx rena.



  11. your friend is gorge with the red lips and looove your dress. and jealous you own that camera to! x

  12. wow. gorgeous, i heart youuuurrr dress