Tuesday, July 20, 2010

wayfarer youth

Country Road Boyfriend Blazer; Witchery Waterfall Cardigan; Country Road Dress; Miu Miu Oversized Tote; ASOS Combat boots; ASOS stockings

The layers are out in full force this month - it is freaking chilly down here. Brr!

A lovely day in Melbourne - Yummy early breakfast at Earl Canteen (organic autumn mushroom wrap please); Tim Burton exhibit at ACMI; Basking in the sun on Collins St; Lunch off Degraves; Wandering around the city like a tourist with my camera.

I find that Melbourne can be so drab at times because I take it's beauty for granted - sometimes it takes looking through the lens of a camera to appreciate things you would ordinarily take a second look at.

Have you ever noticed this at Federation Square? I love it - a big suspended piece that contrasts beautifully with the bright blue sky.


  1. great pics!

  2. The sphere becomes a 'sun' at night with the aid of projectors! Love the outfit, your stocking are to diiiiie for.

  3. it is so damn cold down here right now!
    its hard to handle!!
    love your stockings.
    i just ordered a similar pair from topshop!
    hope that i can pull them off.

  4. Your tights + boots combo is FLIPPING AMAZING.. if I may say so heh.

    I love that you always look so effortless trendy. *SIGH*

  5. you have good taste in tights. you make me feel inadequate, i just don't give a shit what i wear to work anymore, it's so cold.

  6. LOVE those stockings. It's always nice to play tourist sometimes, I think.

  7. Such a cute outfit!! I want those stockings!! I wish it's a little chilly here to wear cute coats but nope, we don't have winters here! xoxoxoxoo

  8. I love Melbourne! Oh so lucky. Great tights too!



  9. I just stumbled across your blog after finding you on the Vogue Forums (which I also stumbled upon with a Google search...), and have been having a lovely time reading and ogling and felt like commenting...and then decided not to because I felt like a stalker. But THEN I saw that you have the same ASOS suspender stockings as me and I took it as a sign ;) Keep up the great work!