Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sleep spindles

Country Road Flannel Dress; Witchery Singlet; Nudie Hai Kai jeans; Urban Outfitters heels; Vintage Leather Jacket

 Yesterday, post-exam.  
My brain has already blissfully forgotten semester one of property law.

I bought the leather jacket from this amazing, tiny, overheated little stall inside of Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.

 If you have never been - Chatuchak is a HUGE (35 acres/1.13 square kms) indoors and outdoors market that runs every weekend on the outer edges of Thailand's capital city.  Apparently about 20,000 people visit each day and there are about 5,000 stalls.

The last time I was there from 11am - 6pm and we had covered only a tiny little speck of the market.  

It is fashion nirvana - all the stalls are ordered in interest.  

Think row A = independant designers for jewelery, row B = independant clothing designers, row C = vintage designers, row D = vintage nike dunks, row D = leather jackets, row E = hats etc etc

Aaaand then you stop and have yummy pad thai and iced tea with all the locals for dinner

I miss it!! 


  1. Love the shoes lady! I want to go to that market now!!

  2. That market sounds fantastic. I think I would go crazy in the hats row haha. Loving this outfit too. What are the clogs like to wear? They've been on my UO wishlist for a while but I'm still undecided on whether to purchase or not.

  3. They are super comfy :) They pretty much go with everything!! xx

  4. this outfit is styled and layered so well love it kinda reminds me of jess harts style ;-)

  5. simple but chic - love this look!
    and may i say your hair color is absolute splendid:)

  6. I love the way you layered the shirt! The shoes are a perfect match!! xxoxoxoxoo

  7. Ahaha I am about 5 minutes away too! Loving the proximity. Suburban style bloggers unite! Didn't get anything sadly; I have an astronomical amount of expenses due in the next 2 months. Sickening.
    Can't wait to see the Bassike's, very curious about the fit of their denim!

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  10. ooohhh, OOOOOHHHH love this look! lil bit country, lil rock n roll + dash of sass n hairrrrrrr. *sigh* TOO fierce.