Monday, June 21, 2010

Through The Looking Glass

Country Road Boyfriend Blazer; Country Road Dress; Country Road Double Zip Clutch; ASOS Combat boots; ASOS stockings

Post-work play today.  

The stockings are my favourite part of the outfit. 

They seemed to invoke a very strong negative female reaction while walking through the shopping centre though. Hmmm.  Surely these women have seen worse in a Saturday night out in Melbourne??

(I can't wait to wear my House of Holland suspender ones to work next, just to see what happens...)

In other news, I can't seem to take my combat boots off.  Oh well.  Guess that means I'll be wearing them forever.  How sad!  (I have seriously worn them everyday for the last 2 weeks...Even on Saturday night out to Pony.  People must think I have no other shoes)


  1. Nice outfit. I actually really like your stockings! It's nice to find tights with a little subtle detail - I always fall into the trap of black opaques x

  2. wow! i need these stockings now!!! they're fab!
    nice blog:)

    follow you:)

  3. combat boots are appropriate for pony! i would have told you off if you put any of your beautiful shoes in jeopardy by wearing them there!! :P

    tights are so so cool :D which CR dress are you wearing ? i can't believe we're getting summer stock already!!! eek soon i won't be able to wear my shiny jeans anymore... then i will have no pants!

  4. love this look those stockings are sickkk.

  5. Agree with everyone else, your stockings are amazing!

  6. chic look love the stockings!
    I know I miss summer so much to, makes it harder when we are always in opposite seasons to the rest of the fashion world haha

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  8. the tights are HOT, and I gotta say you have fabulous hair.

  9. You look amazing babes!! I haven't updated in a week because I've been moving house and it's been craaazy!! It's my birthday this weekend so I'm hoping to get some good photos and a post up.


  10. I think those tights are pretty nifty! This is one great outfit :)

  11. You look fabulous!! I love those stockings! xoxoxoxo

  12. rad stockings, i adore the HoH suspender ones too, quite an impressive collection you have :)

  13. haha..good point!
    I guess they're not as easy to put on then to take off :)

    you look fab!
    and with combat boots like yours I wouldn't be taking them off either ;)

    eclectic du jour

  14. I love the stockings! Gorgeous outfit!!
    Laugh at the negative female attention, some people are very sheltered!
    You look fabulous xx