Sunday, June 13, 2010

the sky might fall

Leona Edmiston S/S 2010
I have already pre-ordered it at two stores. Just in case.  
(I hate having that superficial frenzy and dread at having missed out at a cult fashion piece - Love is a Drug and Black Magick dresses anyone?)
I love that red lipstick works so beautifully with this dress.
I've gotten about a million things in the mail this week (a very welcome distraction to long days filled with study)...I can't wait till my first two exams are over and then I get can get excited about putting together outfits and blogging again :)


  1. yay for receiving things in the mail!! so exciting :D I'm expecting lots of make up stuffs... can't wait to show you!

    this dress is gorgeous.. definitely worth the double order lol.. can't trust shopgirls :P

  2. That dress is so gorgeous, it reminds me of the Titanic exhibition and that old skool glamor. Have you been to the exhibition... I wanted to cry the stories broke my heart, it was so, so sad. I highly recommend you go.


  3. You DEFINITELY can't trust shopgirls! I think its just one other girl and myself who check the womenswear customer order book every shift? The last time I went through the menswear one I think it hadn't been followed up since Nov 09...oh dear

    And Mez I have been wanting to go see it for a while now, but probably wouldn't have made the time! So I'm glad to hear it was good....after exams museum visit beckons xx

  4. This pic is gorgeous! And thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    I'm going to follow u - Follow back if u like!

  5. thanks so much for your lovely message hun!!

    this is a really lovely blog~!love your eiffel tower bag!that's is super cute!


  6. Lovely to meet you too! So nice to know there are other bloggers 'round my hood! Did you get the jeans? xo

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