Saturday, January 2, 2010

explosions in the sky

Vintage shirt; American Apparel skirt; Leona Edminston over knee tights; Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM
I have this weird obsession with sheer shirts.  Everybody else seems to think they are super rude; I think they are super fun.  It doesnt matter anyway, because what is life when you live by everyone else's rules?


 It poured with rain here on NYE, so we had dinner with yummy wine on the patio listening to the crazy rain, and then went the docklands to watch fireworks go off from the Yarra river, Eureka tower and the water. Everybody was super-soaked by the end - our umbrella kept turning inside out so we gave up halfway through and just enjoyed the fireworks.  It was worth every second!
Hope you guys had a great New Year's Eve wherever you may be xx

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