Tuesday, January 19, 2010

make her say

Ralph Lauren Mens oxford shirt; Vintage leather skirt; Urban Original suede wedges

I really really love wearing wedges.  I don't know if I can ever love a stiletto again in the same way. These Urban Originals are so super comfy - it is like bouncing on air (I know this because I was literally bouncing with excitement in them when I first got them in the post).


Suede + Wedge + Nude = Perfection!  My kind of maths.


  1. I am really loving wedges now too, I was turned off before as wedges were usually that cork or wood looking thing. But now there are designs which are so edgy and classy.
    I love this outfit!!! Great skirt

  2. I really love the wedges, I'm not really a wedge person myself but these are pretty lust worthy.

  3. wedges are the best, i'm a clutz in stilettos! love the vintage mini. :)


  4. great outfit. a propos wedge-love, i actually got a pair of wedges yesterday...