Sunday, January 17, 2010

skill to kill

Alice McCall "Skill to Kill" dress;  Urban Original suede wedges

OK so this dress contradicts everything my fashion sensibility dictates:  it is colourful; it is frilly; it is sweet and pretty (ick at this last point).

The redeeming characteristic of this dress that overrides all else? There are small black skulls printed amongst the floral pattern.  Very cool and kooky. Its something nobody seems to notice but me...which I think makes me love it even more, because its a special secret between me and the I sound a bit kooky!


  1. This Alice Mccall dress looks so good on you. I tried it out once and it looked really indecent on me (my boobs were popping out everywhere).

  2. Thanks babe :) I did have to size up twice to fit my puppies in though!