Thursday, February 4, 2010

lover you should have come over

ASOS knitted maxi dress; Nine West heels
Got this dress in the mail via my friend Ruby Tuesday and despite the 36 degree heat yesterday I couldn't resist wearing it around the boy's house for a little bit.  Naturally he thought I was crazy about new ASOS deliveries...

Isn't it the coolest dress?  
OK so maybe it is not for everyone.  It's OK if you disagree.  Its a little full on and stripey and long and all over the place but i really am loving it.  Its kind of like a portable bodycon blanket.  


  1. what an amazing dress. It looks so great on you. And I like the pose!

  2. oh my that dress is amazing! love it!

    lovelove, M.

  3. Love this dress lady, the way you're sitting makes the stripes on it have crazy, fantastic lines.

  4. Great dress girl, you look wonderful!

  5. WOW!!!!! I am having a heart attack because I LOVE your dress!!!! It is so amazing!! It looks great on you and with those amazing shoes and gorgeous long hair ;)

  6. The dress looks fab! It reminds me of those optical illusion pics.
    Very cool.