Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sydney Part IV

Marks & Spencer vintage dress; Wittner suede fringe clutch; Christian Louboutin YoYo 100

A departure from my usual thing. (I like to do this sometimes, it keeps things interesting, no?  If you stick to one style, it becomes a uniform.  Uniforms are never fun.) 

 The boyfriend calls this the "old lady dress". 
 I did see his point but I strongly argued back  that "it is all in the accesories". 

You have to admit, Homy-Peds are no match for the power of the Louboutin shoe.


  1. I'm so envious of your wardrobe!

    Dw love, my bf would have called your dress the exact same thing. I, on the contrary, admire and adore it!

  2. I love your vintage Marks & Sparks dress.
    From Dolly

  3. Hi are you a filipino, by any chance?
    please visit my blog too thanks!

  4. hahaha homey peds. i hope i never see them on my feet.
    this is a very cute outfit!
    are the yoyos comfy?

  5. someone's screaming 50's siren!!! xoxo