Tuesday, February 23, 2010

twenty twenty surgery

Old Navy Tee; American Apparel skirt; Country Road hat; Country Road double zip clutch; Nine West suede booties

OK so I realised I lied here about not having a uniform (whoops). A bandage skirt and tee is pretty much my go-to for all situations in life.  
I also realised that while uniforms can be little boring and predictable, they are also excellent in that A. it takes all of 5 seconds to get dressed and B. you feel pretty good/comfy in what you are wearing.

Nothing makes me feel as uncomfortable and not myself as being unhappy with what I am wearing.  Shameful admission? I have driven home on numerous occasions on my lunch break at work and uni to change.  Or maybe I shouldn't be admitting that.  Hmm.

Also I am really am loving this skirt on Opening Ceremony.  I am not sure how it will translate into reality but I think I might give a DIY version a go soon:  

Where the Wild Things Are X Opening Ceremony Ira Bull Skirt
Oui? ou Non?  

other things that are also catching my heart:

Opening Ceremony Leather Circle Skirt
I also wouldn't mind her hair plait.  My hair is being unkind and not letting the side plait work for me.
Opening Ceremony Leopard Heel
Never been a huge fan of strappy sandals (Too Sex and the City 1998 for me) but these are too beautiful to say no to.  I am thinking black socks with these...fashion says no, I say yes!

Alexander Wang Tattered Leather Blazer
T by Alexander Wang skirt
My ASOS maxi has almost zero life in it left.  I wear it all the time.  I want this so I can abuse this one too.


  1. omigosh that outfit is the best!
    i love it.
    its the best uniform to have.

    two thumbs up for the wang skirt. how cool is the slit? yes yes yes!
    i like the idea of the fur skirt.
    i think nearly everyone will be wearing a fur gillet this season so stand out with the skirt!

  2. OoooOOooo I was perusing the OC site today, love that fur skirt, also love the WTWTA fur bag.

    The shoes are super pretty and would look lovely with ribbed wool tights, in black or red!!

  3. I love your outfit! You have combined basics to give a really awesome look!

    I have seen some feather and fur skirts around...but I have no idea what to wear them with. Laundry would be a nightmare as well! But they are so droolsworthy!!

  4. Looks gorgeous! Nothing wrong with a uniform! I have a few myself and I just change the colour of the scarf or my hair or accessories to mix it up. Have just discovered your blog and me likey!

  5. Wow! I can't believe that tee is from Old Navy! You make it look hot ;) Great outfit!

  6. yay i can finally comment :) i wish i could wear bandage skirts and look as good as you! i think definitely track down the alexander wang maxi skirt x

  7. Awesome chic outfit.
    Those shoes look amazing.

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