Friday, February 19, 2010

Roadhouse Blues

I thought I would play photographer for a day, much to the protest of my boyfriend.  
Like a true photographer, he is more comfortable behind the lens than in front of one!  I got him to stand still long enough so you guys could catch a glimpse of his daily style, which I really love.  

Stussy shirt; Cheap Monday Jeans; Country Road boat shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses


  1. is it bad that i want the outfit - lol xoxoxx

  2. Love the glasses! Ray Ban has established itself as an icon in the eyewear.

  3. Great style, matches the scenery! Where abouts was this taken?

  4. Kirsty B, I want the shirt!!

    Great photo lady, the lighting and setting is perfect.

  5. your bf has a great sense of style =D

  6. Awesome outfit.
    You should set him up his own blog...

  7. Love your boyfriends outfit ! Do you help style him or does he choose himself?
    The photos turned out great! Nice warm feel..

  8. He does have his own blog! He does it with some friends. It is very hiphop/car focused though so I almost never visit it!

    And little miss cotton socks, he styles himself. I bought him the shirt for Christmas but he chose it! He doesn't always dress like this though - he wears jeans and hiphop tee shirts alot too.