Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Vintage lace dress; Christian Louboutin heels

Had an 80s party on the weekend.  I was kind of dreading finding an approrpiate outfit as 80s fashion has very little appeal to me, but I dug around and surprise surprise this little gem of a dress was hiding in the corner of my closet. 

Add tragic hot pink and blue eye combo and voila!  

Loving the puffy sleeves and the corseted body.  Hmmm.  I wonder if it would work in a non-costume situation?  

The boys looked super cool - Frank was 80's Slash and Arch was an 80s pro skater:

Back at Uni this week.  Im exhausted!  Property Law, Evidence Law, Constitutional Law and South-East Asian Revolutions.  My brain feels too little to absorb the overload.


  1. I love the boys' cute!

    You looked so sweet though!! You can probably still rock this dress as a party dress nowadays!

  2. your little black dress is gorgeous.

  3. Love the hair and the dress, you look vintage 80's classic not trashy.