Monday, March 1, 2010

march madness

Supre dress; eBay mary janes; Balenciaga city

These shoes.  Miam!  I was struck by this sudden need for the Chloe ankle tie MJs from a few years ago, so I turned to faithful old eBay to do some hunting around.  Came up with these and I am pretty happy.  

How cute is the back of this dress?  Havent shopped at Supre for years but I just walked in on a whim the other day and bought a few silly cheap thrills which are actually kind of fun to have in my wardrobe.  I may be hooked.  



  1. i love this dress! i always wanted it in navy, but it's too tight for me :( lol. you look amazing, shoes are gorgeous x

  2. you look hot! i love the back detail of the dress! pretty <33

  3. lovely look
    your blog is great!

  4. adorable! you look perfect in those mini dresses.