Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the sleeping sickness

CR padded shoulder knit, vintage daisy skirt, jonathon aston socks, eBay mary janes

I have been listening to City and Colour's album 'Bring Me Your Love' religiously. It has gotten me through a pretty ugly week!!  Dallas Green is Good For Your Soul.

Also just wanted to thank everybody who has given their condolences for James' passing. It has really helped me through. xx  

Anyway. no more sad stuff here today. Back to outfit posting... 

Still loving my knit. 
Picked up the skirt at Savers in Frankston (the best thrift store in the world - it is on two levels !!) for a 90's party and have never looked back. I get serious mileage out of this thing.  
I am trailing this sock + wedge combo but I am not sure if it is right with the daisy skirt.  Maybe a structured pencil mini is better? Hmm.


  1. aww the skirt is so cute. I'm not a skirt girl, but this I would want

  2. i could not love the socks and heels/wedges/flats combo more if i tried! love it.

    p.s i'm sorry to hear about your bro's best friend...it's terrible and i hope you guys are doing ok... xx

  3. I'm loving the socks & skirt! the pictures are stunning!

    - sorry for your lost, it's hard to loose someone so close. When that happened to me recently I promised myself that I would live for them and only them.

    - Michelle

  4. I love that skirt! and the pairing of the grey socks contrasting with the mary janes is simply delightful!

    Kirstie Marié

  5. The socks + Mary Janes = Slllaaammmin'

    Love this look lady. I'm thinking the sock and platform cut out shoes look will translate beautiful for winter with pants or cuffed jeans.

  6. Gorgeous look! Love your little socks.

  7. Socks and mary janes!! Too cut! I adore the skirt toox

  8. I've passed a quiz and award onto you, it's all on my blog.